Sharon Sousa

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Diminishing financial support for individuals with severe mental illnesses has required creative solutions to meet the needs of this population. Loneliness and stigma further hinder these individuals' efforts toward recovery. The Compeer program can provide friendship relationships, which can help to reduce loneliness and strengthen the effects of(More)
This study developed norms and examined psychometric properties of the LORS, an instrument designed to assess symptoms of psychotic illness and patients' awareness of their symptoms. Participants were 90 patients with psychotic illnesses. The LORS was completed by trained clinicians (LORS-Clinician Scale) and patients themselves (LORS-Patient). To assess(More)
Patients often underestimate the degree of their psychiatric illness and consequently have difficulty effectively participating in interventions to optimize recovery. This problem of insight may be connected with neurological difficulties resulting in poor explicit memory; however, most interventions nurses use to help patients improve their understanding(More)
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