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In " Warrant Entails Truth " 1 I argue that warrant—that, whatever it is, which makes the difference between knowledge and mere true belief—entails truth. And in that paper I claim to show that warrant entails truth " without assuming any particular analysis of warrant at all " (842). 2 I will here present a new (and improved!) version of the argument of "(More)
In this paper we operationally define and measure tacit knowledge at the team level in the software development domain. Through a series of three empirical studies we developed and validated the Team Tacit Knowledge Measure (TTKM) for software developers. In the first study, initial scale items were developed using the repertory grid technique and content(More)
The agile principles of social interaction and tacit knowledge were examined in this survey study of 48 software development teams. It was proposed that that team tacit knowledge is created through frequency and quality of social interactions and through the development of a transactive memory system. Results supported the hypothesis with quality of social(More)
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