Sharon Reeves

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Cell culture studies have established SH2 domain-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase-2 (SHP2) as an important factor in growth factor and cytokine-activated signaling pathways. However, the significance of SHP2 in the mammalian central nervous system (CNS) is not known since early embryonic lethality occurs in shp2 null mice. To bypass this embryonic(More)
In this study we examined the distribution and developmental profile of the src homology 2 (SH2) domain-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 in the mouse brain. We found that SHP-2 is present in both mitotically active and postmitotic cells in the forebrains of embryonic day 12 (E12) mice. In a developmental study extending from embryonic day 12 to(More)
Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (PXA) is a low-grade glioma that may recur as a malignant diffuse astrocytoma such as glioblastoma (GBM). While the molecular genetic basis of diffuse astrocytomas has been studied extensively, PXAs have not been analyzed in detail. We, therefore analyzed DNA from archival primary and recurrent PXAs from eight patients (three(More)
Because accurate regulation of toxin gene expression is critical for safe and effective gene therapy applications, the authors have examined the regulation of diphtheria toxin A (DTA) fragment expression in human glioma cell lines using two transcriptional control systems derived from Escherichia coli: the tetracycline (Tet) system and the lactose (Lac)(More)
The protein tyrosine phosphatase SH-PTP2 has been implicated in a variety of cell signaling cascades, including those mediating neuronal survival. We therefore investigated the expression of SH-PTP2 in the adult human nervous system using Western blotting, immunohistochemistry and immunoelectron microscopy. SH-PTP2 immunoreactivity was noted only in(More)
Intrauterine illicit drug exposure may lead to a variety of adverse neurobehavioral and neurode-velopmental outcomes. Providing early intervention to reduce the impact of maternal substance abuse on the developing fetus may have significant benefits for the child and family. In this article, we report on 3 promising intervention programs designed to improve(More)
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