Sharon Ramos

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BACKGROUND The potential problems associated with the use of formalin in histology, such as health hazards, degradation of RNA and cross-linking of proteins are well recognized. We describe the utilization of a formalin-free fixation and processing system for tissue detection of two important biopredictors in breast cancer - estrogen receptor and HER2 - at(More)
Excessive scar formation in keloids points to altered tissue modeling and repair mechanisms. Dysregulation of cytokine and apoptotic cascades and their downstream signaling pathways might have a role in keloid development. Total RNA was isolated from biopsied keloidal tissue and adjacent normal skin of black patients, white patient’s scars, and normal skin(More)
Array-based comparative genomic hybridization (a-CGH) is a promising tool for clinical genomic studies. However, pre-analytical sample preparation methods have not been fully evaluated for this purpose. Parallel sections of normal male human skin biopsy samples were collected and immediately immersed in saline, formalin and a molecular fixative for 8, 12(More)
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