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These authors attempted to test the effect of anticoagulants on lymphocytes viability by reproducing the procedure used for lymphocyte isolation for various immunologic tests in which blood specimens are allowed to stay at room temperature for 2 h before lymphocytes are isolated. Blood was obtained with three different anticoagulants i.e. heparin, citrate,(More)
As patients progress from seroconversion to progressive HIV-1 disease, a variety of neurologic disorders may occur. These include diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as primary muscle disorders. This presentation focuses on clinical, laboratory, and pathologic features of these disorders. Theories of pathogenesis and currently(More)
Neuromuscular disorders must be considered when a patient presents with a pes cavus deformity; lower extremity weakness; difficulty in walking; or cramps, stiffness, fatigue, pain, or paresthesia in the extremities. In those instances in which a neurologic disease is considered, distinctions between central and peripheral nervous system origin, focal versus(More)
This article presents a case study of a 4-year-old female with a delayed diagnosis of congenital convex pes valgus. The severe soft-tissue contractures and osseous abnormalities in this case necessitated excision of the navicular and subtalar arthroereisis in addition to standard soft-tissue releases in order to achieve and maintain adequate reduction. A(More)
Elevations in the levels of unsaturated fatty acids (FAs) in membrane lipids lead to an increase in cell membrane fluidity and may also be involved in cell fusion and death through the loss of normal membrane function and integrity. Since the infection of susceptible cells with HIV leads to cell fusion and subsequent loss of viability, the present study was(More)
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