Sharon R Green

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It is well known that sensorimotor memories are built and updated through experience with objects. These representations are useful to anticipatory and feedforward control processes that preset grip and load forces during lifting. When individuals lift objects with qualities that are not congruent with their memory-derived expectations, feedback processes(More)
Research Interests: Cognitive Aging (particularly memory, the " use it or lose it " hypothesis) Memory (especially source memory, autobiography, working memory) Cognition (group differences in inhibition, cognitive control) Cognitive Neuropsychology of Healthy Aging and Alzheimer's Disease General Psychology (with laboratory) (teaching assistant) General(More)
In 1971, I made a film entitled Self Portrait of a Nude Model Turned Cinematographer in which I explore the objectifying 'male' gaze on my body in contrast to the subjective lived experience of my body. The film was a radical challenge to the gaze that objectifies woman - and thus imprisons her - which had hitherto dominated narrative cinema. Since the(More)
Inappropriate sexual behaviour (ISB) as a sequela of neurological impairment is often overlooked in comparison to other challenging behaviours such as agitation and aggression, yet the impact on patients and carers can be equally significant and pervasive. Inconsistencies in terminology and lack of standardised measurement tools for ISB limit the degree to(More)
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