Sharon Mills

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As informatics technology advances, a growing number of research trials on tailored communications provide an accumulation of promising evidence to support their efficacy. These trials also reveal gaps and opportunities for future research. The scope and boundaries of tailoring must be redefined in terms of both new technology and the trade-offs between(More)
Deliberate ingestion of a corrosive acid is an unusual manner of death. Sulfuric acid, often used in electrical industry, chemical laboratories, and agriculture, is fatal at a dosage of 3.5-7.0 ml. The mortality rate is quite high, with only 35% recovery rate. Poisoning by sulfuric acid resembles other mineral acids in that the esophagus is more commonly(More)
The history and etiology of inflammatory bowel disease which is characterized by two major disease processes: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, remain unknown. Research is focussing on seven major areas of genetic, environmental and physiologic factors that apparently relate to this disease. Based on this background, a population based Inflammatory(More)
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