Sharon M. DeLand

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This report develops a general methodology for estimating the total uncertainty in computational simulations that deal with the numerical solution of a system of partial differential equations. A comprehensive, new view of the general phases of modeling and simulation is proposed, consisting of the following phases: conceptual modeling of the physical(More)
Nuclear nonproliferation efforts traditionally have focused on controlling the supply of proliferation-relevant technology, material, and expertise. As barriers to diffusion of all three have been lowered, there is increased acknowledgement of the need to reduce demand for such weapons, and, in cases where efforts to prevent proliferation have failed, the(More)
The anticipated world-wide expansion of nuclear energy is most evident in East Asia, where all four existing nuclear-power countries (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) are currently expanding their nuclearpower programs with new nuclear-power-plant (NPP) construction. In addition, several Southeast Asian countries are seriously considering new nuclear power(More)
Critical infrastructures are increasingly automated and interdependent, subject to possibly cascading vulnerabilities due to equipment failures, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. The government seeks to ensure that disruptions are infrequent, brief, manageable, and cause the least harm possible. The system dynamics (SD) approach is particularly(More)
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