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Acculturative heterogeneity among Asian/Pacific Islanders in the United States: Associations with DSM mental and substance use disorders.
Extant studies on the links between acculturation and mental and substance use disorders among Asian/Pacific Islanders have been based on the assumption that acculturation is a homogeneous construct.Expand
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Moderating Effects of Community Social Capital on Depression in Later Years of Life: A Latent Interaction Model
ABSTRACT Objective: This study tested the stress-buffering model and examined the buffering role of community social capital on late-life depression. Methods: This study used the data from the secondExpand
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Drivers of change: Learning from the lived experiences of nursing home social workers
ABSTRACT In response to the growing attention to integrated health care and the cultural change movement in nursing homes, this study examines the lived experiences of nursing home social workers toExpand
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Is neighborhood poverty harmful to every child? Neighborhood poverty, family poverty, and behavioral problems among young children.
This longitudinal study investigates the association between neighborhood poverty and behavioral problems among young children. This study also examines whether social environments mediate theExpand
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Factors Associated with Willingness to Use Mental Health Services in Korean Immigrants
Responding to the concern about underutilization of mental health services in immigrant populations, the present study explored the factors associated with Korean immigrants' willingness to useExpand
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Factors Influencing Gateway Providers’ Confidence in Helping People with Mental Illness
ABSTRACT Low mental health service utilization among vulnerable groups with mental health needs has been an ongoing public health concern. Guided by the Gateway Provider Model, this study focuses onExpand