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Determination of serum ferritin is an important means of assessing body iron stores. Trace amounts of ferritin normally present in serum are detectable by sensitive radioimmunoassay techniques or an enzyme immunoassay procedure. Ferritin normally accounts for no more than a very small fraction of the total iron in serum, but generally maintains a stable(More)
Chronic alcohol ingestion has been shown to cause a profound decrease in the activity of acyl-coenzymeA:carnitine acyltransferase in the liver. Twelve diferent acyl-coenzymes were used as substrates, and the decrease in acyltranser rates ranged from 22–60% of the control. This enzyme was not affected as drastically in the heart. Of 11 acyl-coenzymes tested,(More)
The assay method reported by Grillo et a!. (1) for HDL-cholesterol, which involves an adaptation of Barham and Trinder’s colorimetric reaction (2),does not mention the surfactant used to enable cholesterol esters to be hydrolyzed by cholesterol esterase (EC A surfactant must be present in such a reagent system, or there will be no hydrolysis of(More)
Staphylococcus aureus meningitis is a rare but well recognized condition which had a high mortality and incidence of neurological sequelae. It is usually associated with chronic underlying conditions. A case is reported of S. aureus meningitis in a previously healthy young man. The epidemiology, microbiological findings and treatment of this condition are(More)
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