Sharon L. Ludwig

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Myopericarditis has been a rare or unrecognized event after smallpox vaccinations with the New York City Board of Health strain of vaccinia virus (Dryvax; Wyeth Laboratories, Marietta, Pennsylvania). In this article, the authors report an attributable incidence of at least 140 clinical cases of myopericarditis per million primary smallpox vaccinations with(More)
Specimens in the United States Department of Defense (DoD) Serum Repository have accumulated in frozen storage since 1985 when the DoD began universal screening for human immunodeficiency virus. Use of the stored serum for health research has been carefully controlled, but the resulting publications have never been systematically identified or described.(More)
Clostridium difficile was isolated from the faeces of a patient with clindamycin-associated pseudomembranous colitis (P.M.C.). The presence of a preformed faecal toxin and the toxigenicity of both the faecal isolate of C. difficile and a reference strain of C. difficile were demonstrated by tissue-culture assay. The toxin of both strains of C. difficile and(More)
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