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Onsite training of doctors, midwives and nurses in obstetric emergencies, Zimbabwe
Abstract Problem In Zimbabwe, many health facilities are not able to manage serious obstetric complications. Staff most commonly identified inadequate training as the greatest barrier to preventingExpand
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Three-dimensional measurement of gestational and yolk sac volumes as predictors of pregnancy outcome in the first trimester.
Along with crown-rump length (CRL), the size (diameter) of embryonic structures such as gestational sac (GS) and yolk sac (YS) may have prognostic value for embryonic development. We proposed thatExpand
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Functional Movement Training for Recurrent Low Back Pain: Lessons From a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Despite considerable effort to reduce low back pain (LBP), approximately 60% of patients have recurrence after their first episode. The high rate of recurrence suggests that more effectiveExpand
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A role for maternal serum screening in detecting chromosomal abnormalities in fetuses with isolated choroid plexus cysts: a prospective multicentre study
A prospective multicentre study was performed to identify patients with fetal choroid plexus cysts and examine the association between choroid plexus cysts and chromosome abnormalities in the contextExpand
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The role of manual rotation in avoiding and managing OVD.
Manual rotation (MR) is the most common technique used by accoucheurs who wish to correct malposition of the foetal head to either avoid or facilitate an operative vaginal delivery (OVD). MR can beExpand
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Preventing cerebral palsy in preterm labour: a multiorganisational quality improvement approach to the adoption and spread of magnesium sulphate for neuroprotection
Magnesium sulphate has been demonstrated to be an effective neuroprotectant for babies delivered prematurely (under 37 weeks’ gestational age). Antenatal administration reduces infant mortality andExpand
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Is Good Enough, Really Good Enough? Does algorithmic metadata search replace the need for discipline-oriented databases?
An indexed, print copy of the Proceedings is also available for purchase at: http://www.thepress.purdue.edu/series/charleston. Expand