Sharon L. Goddard

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Deficiencies with the current European reference method for the analysis using inductively couple plasma-mass spectrometry of metals in samples from stationary emissions sources are presented based on experimental data obtained from real samples. The effect of these deficiencies on the quality and accuracy of data is highlighted with biases of up to 40%(More)
Ambient air quality has been an important issue for humans and the environment for hundreds of years. More recently, definitive links have been identified between pollutants and adverse effects on human health and on environmental sustainability. Of particular concern since the last quarter of the twentieth century has been the presence of toxic 'heavy(More)
Monitoring stationary source emissions for heavy metals generally requires the use of quartz filters to collect samples because of the high temperature and high moisture sampling environment. The documentary standard method sample preparation technique in Europe, EN 14385, uses digestion in hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid (HF/HNO3) followed by complexing(More)
The observation of a physical matrix effect during the cold vapour generation-atomic fluorescence measurement of mercury in emissions samples is reported. The effect is as a result of the different efficiencies of liberation of reduced mercury from solution as the matrix of the solution under test varies. The result of this is that peak area to peak height(More)
The main sources of uncertainty encountered during the analysis of the mass concentration of metals in ambient air as part of the operation of the UK Heavy Metals Monitoring Network are presented. It is observed that the uncertainty contribution from possible variation in the isotopic composition of the sample depends on the element in question, but can be(More)
Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) has been used to examine the spatial distribution of metals in particulate matter on ambient air filters. The implications of the inhomogeneous distribution observed for the sub-sampling of such filters for multiple analyses have been discussed. It has been shown that large biases in(More)
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