Sharon L Elliott

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Treatment with aromatase inhibitors for postmenopausal women with breast cancer has been shown to reduce or obviate invasive procedures such as hysteroscopy or curettage associated with tamoxifen-induced endometrial abnormalities. The side effect of upfront aromatase inhibitors, diminished estrogen synthesis, is similar to that seen with the natural events(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this report is to describe a neurophysiological monitoring technique that can decrease the incidence of complications while maintaining the effectiveness of the nucleus caudalis dorsal root entry zone (DREZ) operation. METHODS Needle electrodes were used to stimulate the supraorbital, infraorbital, mental, and median nerves after(More)
This Open Access Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by DigitalCommons@WayneState. It has been accepted for inclusion in Wayne State University Dissertations by an authorized administrator of DigitalCommons@WayneState. 2014 All Rights Reserved ii DEDICATION To my late mother, Mrs. Elsayeda Soliman, for her motivation and support, who(More)
2013 All Rights Reserved ii DEDICATION This study is dedicated to my parents Theophilus and Virginia Iwuji iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I thank God for His graces and blessings. My parents and siblings have been my cornerstone. All my teachers at Wayne State University have been inspirational. Special thanks to my advisor, Dr. Marc Rosa who has worked hard to get(More)
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