Sharon L Bernard

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Using data from the first wave of a new longitudinal data set collected in the late fall and winter of 1990-1991, the National Survey of Self-Care and Aging (NSSCA), we examined older adults' self-care practices in coping with functional status limitations based on in-person interviews with a national probability sample of 3,485 noninstitutionalized adults(More)
New systematic approaches are necessary to determine and optimize the chemical and mechanical scaffold properties for hyaline cartilage generation using the limited cell numbers obtained from primary human sources. Peptide functionalized hydrogels possessing continuous variations in physico-chemical properties are an efficient three-dimensional platform for(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors explored whether urinary incontinence (UI) is associated with higher mortality and, if so, whether adjustment for demographics, health, and functional status diminishes the association. METHODS The Cox proportional hazards model was used with a nationally representative sample of community-living elderly people (N = 3,485). (More)
Stem cells have shown lineage-specific differentiation when cultured on substrates possessing signaling groups derived from the native tissue. A distinct determinant in this process is the concentration of the signaling motif. While several groups have been working actively to determine the specific factors, concentrations, and mechanisms governing the(More)
This study examined variation in maternal complication rates following normal vaginal delivery among 282 rural hospitals throughout the United States. Using a risk-adjusted model to control for case mix, discharge abstracts of more than 84,000 women were analyzed to determine whether there were differences in outcomes resulting from, or concomitant with,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess relations between self-reported arthritis-related disruptions in sleep, physical activity, and social functioning and use of medical care, complementary therapies, and self-care for arthritis in older adults. DESIGN A survey of self-reported arthritis-related disruptions in sleep and daily life as risk factors for use of 15 medical,(More)
Using data from the 1990 baseline of the National Survey of Self-Care and Aging (NSSCA), and nearly three years of follow-up mortality data, we examined the association between self-rated functional ability, a global measure of perceived ability of function independently, and mortality among a national sample of older adults. The study included 3,485(More)
OBJECTIVES Self-care includes actions taken by individuals to promote or ensure their health, to recover from diseases or injuries, or to manage their effects. This study measured associations between self-care practices (lifestyle practices, adaptations to functional limitations, and medical self-care) and Medicare expenditures among a national sample of(More)
Fresh isolated myocardial, elastic-arterial, and valvular tissues from seven canine hearts were irradiated by argon laser. Irradiation was transmitted through 300 and 400 micron flexible quartz fiberoptic elements. Minimal power densities for vaporization of the myocardial, arterial, and valvular tissues were 80, 90, and 110 W/cm2, respectively, with(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the extent to which self-care practices are employed by older adults with urinary incontinence (UI); to determine how demographic and functional status measures are associated with self-care practice use; and to explore the relationship between contacting a doctor and disposable pad use. DESIGN A cross-sectional analysis of a(More)