Sharon Kinsman

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We studied the growth of individual Xanthium strumarium plants growing at four naturally occurring local densities on a beach in Maine: (1) isolated plants, (2) pairs of plants ≤1 cm apart, (3) four plants within 4 cm of each other, and (4) discrete dense clumps of 10-39 plants. A combination of nondestructive measurements every 2 wk and parallel(More)
We determined the effects of a host-specific moth, Heliodines nyctaginella (Lepidoptera: Heliodinidae), upon growth and seed production in Mirabilis hirsuta (Nyctaginaceae), by comparing in one season naturally infested plants with experimentally protected neighbors. In addition, we monitored infestation, growth, and yield of a single cohort over ten years.(More)
At present there are a large number of people capable of conducting the task of surface and area radiation monitoring including external monitoring of personnel. Once the extent and the intensity of radioactivity in an area is determined, good use of personnel can be made without too much risk. This is fortunate for the medical profession whose personnel(More)
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