Sharon Key

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BACKGROUND Adult bone marrow-derived (BMD) cells could be used to repair damaged organs and tissues, but the intrinsic plasticity of these cells has been questioned by results of in-vitro studies suggesting that such cells might fuse with other cells giving the appearance of differentiation. We aimed to determine whether fusion events are important in vivo.(More)
Mammalian organs are typically comprised of several cell populations. Some (e.g. brain) are very heterogeneous, and this cellular complexity makes it difficult, if not impossible, to interpret expression profiles obtained with microarrays. Instruments, such as those manufactured by Leica or Arcturus, that permit laser capture microdissection of specific(More)
Chong et al., Nishio et al., and Suri et al. (Reports, 24 March 2006, pp. 1774, 1775, and 1778) confirmed that treating nonobese diabetic (NOD) mice with an immune adjuvant and semisyngenic spleen cells can reverse the disease but found that spleen cells did not contribute to the observed recovery of pancreatic islets. We show that islet regeneration(More)
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