Sharon K Morrison

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Older individuals living on the streets of our urban cities are a unique sub-group of the homeless population. No studies have been published about these elderly "rough sleepers" who face daunting obstacles to health care while facing a litany of health risks on the streets that are magnified by the physical and mental limitations of advancing years. To(More)
There is growing interest in links between poor health and socio-environmental inequalities (e.g. inferior housing, crime and industrial emissions) under the environmental justice agenda. The current project assessed associations between soil metal content, air pollution (NO2/PM10) and deprivation and health (respiratory case incidence) across Glasgow. This(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare American-Indian and Caucasian mortality rates from diabetes among tribal Contract Health Service Delivery Areas (CHSDAs) in the Great Plains Region (GPR) and describe the disparities observed. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Mortality data from the National Center for Vital Statistics and Seer*STAT were used to identify diabetes as the(More)
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