Sharon K. Hall

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BACKGROUND A number of studies conducted with ethnically diverse, low-income samples have found that parents with indulgent feeding styles had children with a higher weight status. Indulgent parents are those who are responsive to their child's emotional states but have problems setting appropriate boundaries with their child. Because the processes through(More)
An examination of women over age forty who had never married was conducted. The women completed a structured questionnaire about their aging and their self-esteem was assessed with a standard measure. The participants were women from across the United States. Descriptive analyses of the data were ordered with ecological systems theory and findings revealed(More)
In this study we examined the influence of ethnicity on weight, body image, and self-esteem among adult women while controlling for socioeconomic status (SES). Fifty women of African American (AA), European American (EA), and Mexican American (MA) descent completed interviews and questionnaires related to body size and self-esteem, and were measured for(More)
This essay defends the view that inductive reasoning involves following inductive rules against objections that inductive rules are undesirable because they ignore background knowledge and unnecessary because Bayesianism is not an inductive rule. I propose that inductive rules be understood as sets of functions from data to hypotheses that are intended as(More)
This book was written with the intent of providing basic information regarding mental health care for persons who are primary care providers, including physicians and physician assistants, and nurses and nurse practitioners. The book consists of nineteen chapters which cover the spectrum of mental health problems. This includes assessments, evaluating(More)
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