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Connectivity of populations influences the degree to which species maintain genetic diversity and persist despite local extinctions. Natural landscape features are known to influence connectivity, but global anthropogenic landscape change underscores the importance of quantifying how human-modified landscapes disrupt connectivity of natural populations.(More)
We report 2 cases of Sin Nombre virus (SNV) infection in field workers, possibly contracted through rodent bites. Screening for antibodies to SNV in rodents trapped in 2 seasons showed that 9.77% were seropositive. Quantitative real-time PCR showed that 2 of 79 deer mice had detectable titers of SNV RNA.
To understand the relative roles of local and regional processes in structuring local communities, and to compare sources of dispersal, we studied plant species composition in the context of a field experiment in vernal pool community assembly. In 1999, we constructed 256 vernal pools in a grid surrounding a group of over 60 naturally occurring reference(More)
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