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Thanks are due to all of the participating airlines and their personnel who made the project possible. Particular credit is due Captain Sharon Jones, of our research project, and Captain Bruce Tesmer of Continental Airlines for development of the conceptual models. ABSTRACT Issues in Crew Resource Management (CRM) are discussed, including its definition and(More)
This thesis has been read by each member of the thesis committee and has been found to be satisfactory regarding content, English usage, format, citation, bibliographic style, and consistency and is ready for submission to the Division of Graduate Education. In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master's degree at(More)
BACKGROUND Up to 90 % of people living with dementia in care homes experience one or more behaviours that staff may describe as challenging to support (BSC). Of these agitation is the most common and difficult to manage. The presence of agitation is associated with fewer visits from relatives, poorer quality of life and social isolation. It is recommended(More)
The DCM™ EPIC trial requires participating care homes to identify two staff members willing to be trained in the DCM™ intervention and thereafter implement three DCM 'mapping cycles' during the trial. These staff are known as 'mappers'. This is no small undertaking, and early pilot work highlighted the need to include additional measures to enhance(More)
Computer science education can motivate students, through students' interests and experiences, but it can be a challenge to create meaningful and engaging assignments that allow for both creativity and learning while also using modern technology practices. This poster will highlight the liaison between computer science and math as students use Build Your(More)
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