Sharon Jaffe

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The position-specific (PS) integrins of Drosophila are highly homologous to vertebrate integrins, most of which are cell-surface receptors for extracellular matrix components. Integrins are heterodimers, each consisting of noncovalently associated alpha- and beta-subunits. As for the subfamilies of vertebrate integrins, the same beta-subunit is found in(More)
A prospective observational study of 101 women having breast surgery under general anaesthesia was performed to assess the extent of postoperative nausea and vomiting in this group of women. The overall rate of postoperative nausea and vomiting was high, 56% and 41%, respectively, and was significantly associated with length of surgical procedure and(More)
Massive haemoptysis is a respiratory emergency. Computed tomography angiography (CTA) can play a crucial role in assessing the cause and origin of the haemoptysis and directing the interventional radiologist prior to treatment. The bronchial arterial supply and to a lesser extent the non-bronchial systemic arterial supply are responsible for the majority of(More)
SUMMARY Ritual provided a way for Nance, her lesbian family, and her birth family to care for each other during Nance's diagnosis and death of cancer. "Death's Midwife" tells of the Tuesday night healing rituals and some of the rituals during Nance's dying days. The survivors used ritual in grief and in the memorial service; however, once Nance died the(More)
An articulated skeleton in the Bell Collection in the Museum of the Edinburgh College of Surgeons is of a woman who died shortly after a Caesarean section, believed to be the 18th recorded case of such an operation performed in the UK and Ireland. The fact that John and Charles Bell were the surgeons involved is of particular interest, due to their(More)
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