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Pneumonia and influenza represent a significant public health burden in Canada and abroad. Knowledge of how this burden varies geographically provides clues to understanding the determinants of these illnesses, and insight into the effective management of health-care resources. We conducted a retrospective, population-based, ecological-level study to assess(More)
To determine the incidence and clinical characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa osteomyelitis in children, the records of 144 hospitalized patients under 19 years of age were reviewed; 104 fulfilled the study criteria for the diagnosis of acute or chronic osteomyelitis. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was recovered from 10.6 percent of the children and was the(More)
The current descriptive study examined the prevalence, selected fall-related contributing factors, and ramifications of falls over 4 yrs in 663 community-dwelling adults older than 50 yrs. The current findings demonstrated an appreciably higher percentage of falls (62.1%) than the national average (33%). Unlike in past studies, those 50 to 60 yrs old(More)
Falls are a serious public health concern among older adults in the United States. Although many fall prevention recommendations exist, such as those published by the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) in 2010, the specific role of occupational therapy in these efforts is unclear. This article presents a scoping(More)
OBJECTIVE This pilot study examined the feasibility of (1) conducting interdisciplinary fall risk screens at a communitywide adult fall prevention event and (2) collecting preliminary follow-up data from people screened at the event about balance confidence and home and activity modifications made after receiving educational information at the event. (More)
As part of a larger study on fall-related risk factors, this study investigated the relationship between living alone status and fall-related variables among community-dwelling adults who lived in a rural county in eastern North Carolina. A convenience sample of 666 community-dwelling adults ages 50 and over participated in this 4-year study and completed a(More)
KEY WORDS accident prevention accidental falls Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US) health care coalitions information dissemination practice guideline F alls are a serious threat to the lives and occupational well-being of older adults. More than one-third of community-living adults ages 65 yr or older fall each year (Centers for Disease Control(More)
PURPOSE This exploratory study, using a phenomenological framework with ethnographic methodology investigated the use of theory in everyday practice as described by three registered occupational therapists. METHOD Semi-structured interviews were conducted with three practicing occupational therapists. Ethnographic observations and field notes supplemented(More)
We previously reported that one of the main components of the sclerotic material in human glomerular diseases was type IV collagen. In this study we examined the contribution of increased synthesis to this process at the gene expression level. Sufficient material has not been available to study type IV collagen synthesis by normal or sclerotic glomeruli in(More)