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The consequences of Optimization for Underspecification
This paper* argues for a theory in which underlying representation is determined solely by optimization with respect to the grammar, not by imposing any type of constraints directly on underlying representation. Expand
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Reduplication: Doubling in Morphology
1. Introduction 2. Evidence for morphological doubling 3. Morphologically conditioned phonology in reduplication: the daughters 4. Morphologically conditioned phonology in reduplication: the motherExpand
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The Phonology-syntax connection
This work deals with the insolvency both of companies and of individuals. Its publication coincides with the coming into force of the radical amendments to insolvency law contained within theExpand
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Positional Neutralization: A Case Study from Child Language
A new longitudinal diary study of a child (E) learning American English reveals two patterns of segmental neutralization: velar fronting, in which /k/ and /g/ are realized as [t] and [d], and lateralExpand
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Identity Avoidance in Phonology and Morphology
Many languages avoid sequences of homophonous elements, be they phonemes or morphemes. Expand
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Turkish stress: a review
This work evaluates an argument recently made in these pages by Kabak & Vogel (2001) to the effect that the analysis of Turkish which they develop is superior on theoretical grounds to that of pastExpand
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