Sharon Huddleston

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74 students enrolled in physical activity classes completed the happiness and sadness scales of the Emotional Assessment Scale each week for the 7-week course. A repeated measures analysis of variance indicated no significant change in mean mood state scores. Subjects' scores remained fairly happy throughout the length of the course, women having(More)
Coaches and participants are well aware that effective performance in complex sport situations requires perceptual as well as physical skill. The relationship between skill level and perception of sport or game-relevant cues has been investigated in several settings (e. 1966) have demonstrated that skilled chess players recall the positions of chess pieces(More)
The present study continued the development and revision of the Sport Jealousy Scale (SJS) and investigated the relationships among jealousy, cohesion, and satisfaction with athletes. Jealousy was negatively correlated with both cohesion (r = −.23, p < .01) and satisfaction (r = −.22, p < .01). Following Baron and Kenny's (1986) three-step model for testing(More)
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