Sharon Garber

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We formulated a model of visual search by conducting a work flow study and task analysis of art directors as they searched for images to use in an advertisement. The analysis revealed the presence of artistic and image concepts, flexible structures which guide the search and are molded by them. Analysis results were used to build a model-based interface for(More)
BACKGROUND Prolonged grief disorder (PGD) is a potentially disabling condition affecting approximately 10% of bereaved people. It has been suggested that the impaired integration of the loss memory, as expressed in recurrent memories of the loss and disorganization of memory, is involved in the development of PGD. Narrative reconstruction (NR), originally(More)
A common assumption in special education is that temporal limits for a task should be expanded so that ample time is provided for completing the work. This study describes the opposite strategy of restricting temporal limits to augment academic performance. Three educable retarded children received token reinforcement contingent on the number of correct(More)
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