Sharon G Leach

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Recent advances in neuroimaging have enabled researchers to establish relatively specific areas of the brain that are involved in working memory. In this positron emission tomography study we examined the pattern of neural activation associated with performance on number-letter sequencing, a purported measure of working memory included in the new Wechsler(More)
Lesion studies have demonstrated that frequency memory, or memory for the frequency of occurrence, is associated with prefrontal and not temporal lobe lesions. This study examined neural activation during performance on a frequency-memory-judgment task and a recognition-memory task, both using words. Relative to a control task, the authors observed peaks of(More)
Neuropsychological studies have documented frontal dysfunction in patients with a history of exposure to organic solvents. The deficits typically observed in these patients appear to be related to working memory (WM). This study used [15O] water positron emission tomography (PET) to examine the pattern of neural activation during verbal working memory in(More)
The existence of a rostrocaudal gradient of medial temporal lobe (MTL) activation during memory encoding has historically received support from positron emission tomography studies, but less so from functional MRI (FMRI) studies. More recently, FMRI studies have demonstrated that characteristics of the stimuli can affect the location of activation seen in(More)
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