Sharon G. Harrison

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We apply neoclassical modelling techniques to the period of the Great Depression. In particular, we examine a modification of the real business cycle model in which the possibility of indeterminacy of equilibria arises. In other words, agents' self-fulfilling expectations can serve as a primary impulse behind fluctuations. We find that the model, driven(More)
We present a two sector dynamic general equilibrium model with externalities coming from both sector-speci¯c and aggregate economic activity. We ¯nd that including aggregate e®ects does not reduce the overall level of returns to scale needed for indeterminacy. Instead, it simply allows for a trade-o® between the two types of external e®ects. ¤ We would like(More)
We examine a two-sector real business cycle model with sector-specific ex-ternalities in the production of distinct consumption and investment goods. In addition, the household utility is postulated to exhibit no income effect on the demand for leisure. Unlike in the one-sector counterpart, we show that equilibrium indeterminacy can result with sufficiently(More)
It has been shown that an otherwise standard one-sector real business cycle model may exhibit indeterminacy and sunspots under a balanced-budget rule that consists of fixed and " wasteful " government spending and proportional income taxation. However, the economy always displays saddle-path stability and equilibrium uniqueness if the government finances(More)
This paper reports on a trial of vaginal products that were distributed and used by 131 women and 21 men in south west Uganda. It focuses specifically upon the issue of female control in heterosexual relationships and examines whether methods which are ostensibly under women's control, will in practice give women greater control of their sexual health.(More)
There is widespread demand for the development of female controlled methods of protection against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. The success of such methods will depend on their acceptability to women and their male partners. Currently, the only form of HIV prevention under women's control is the female condom. This paper reports on men's(More)
We aimed to assess the acceptability of a variety of formulations of female-controlled methods of protection against HIV and STDs among men and women in south-western Uganda. Pilot interviews were carried out with 50 men and 55 women and 25 focus group discussions (FGDs) were held with 138 women and 42 men. The female condom, foaming tablets, sponge, foam,(More)
As part of a large IEC (Information, Education and Communication)/STD intervention trial, a 19-lesson, comprehensive school-based AIDS education programme was implemented and evaluated in 50 primary and 16 secondary schools in 12 parishes of Masaka District, Uganda. A series of three teacher-training and evaluation workshops spread over a year was held in(More)
the Université de la Méditerranée (GREQAM-IDEP) and a visiting fellow at the Economics Department of UCLA, whose hospitalities are gratefully acknowledged. This is a shortened version of a GREQAM working paper titled Are Progressive Fiscal Rules Stabilizing?. 1 2 Abstract We assess the stabilizing effect of progressive income taxes in a monetary economy(More)