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OBJECTIVE To develop a clinically sensitive test of social perception for people with traumatic brain injury (TBI). DESIGN An assessment tool comprising videotaped vignettes and response probes was developed in successive stages and tested on both normal participants and those with TBI. SUBJECTS A total of 169 normal adults and 7 adults with severe TBI(More)
Thirty-four adults with severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and 34 matched control participants were asked to interpret videotaped conversational exchanges. Study participants were asked to judge the speakers' emotions, the speakers' beliefs (first-order theory of mind), what the speakers intended their conversational partners to believe (second-order(More)
Deficits in social behaviour are a major obstacle to the reintegration into the community of traumatically brain-injured (TBI) individuals. Recognition of the importance of social skill remediation has highlighted the need for a suitable assessment tool. The TBI population presents particular requirements with respect to the special nature of deficits which(More)
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