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Despite widespread application of ultrasound imaging and Doppler blood flow studies, the effects of their frequent and repeated use in pregnancy have not been evaluated in controlled trials. From 2834 women with single pregnancies at 16-20 weeks gestation, 1415 were selected at random to receive ultrasound imaging and continuous-wave Doppler flow studies at(More)
Glucocorticoids regulate oligodendrocyte maturation and the myelin biosynthetic pathways. Synthetic glucocorticoids, the corticosteroids have been successfully used in clinical practice as a single course to enhance lung maturation and reduce mortality and morbidity in preterm infants with no long-term neurologic or cognitive side effects. However, a trend(More)
BACKGROUND Teenage pregnancies are associated with negative socioeconomic effects. Our aim was to ascertain whether a postnatal home-visiting service for teenage mothers younger than age 18 years could reduce the frequency of adverse neonatal outcomes and improve knowledge of contraception, breastfeeding, and infant vaccination schedules in this parent(More)
Glucocorticoids are powerful regulators of cell differentiation and maturation. Their synthetic counterparts, the corticosteroids, are used widely in obstetric practice to enhance fetal lung maturation in cases of threatened preterm birth. Here we examined the effects of repeated corticosteroid administration on astrocyte and capillary tight junction(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether critical incident stress debriefing after childbirth reduces the incidence of postnatal psychological disorders. DESIGN Randomised single-blind controlled trial stratified for parity and delivery mode. SETTING Two large maternity hospitals in Perth. PARTICIPANTS 1745 women who delivered healthy term infants between April 1996(More)
Statistical models of the relationship between the distribution of each of five foetal dimensions and gestational age are developed based on serial ultrasound biometric data from a prospective longitudinal study in Perth, Western Australia. Both the response variable and the gestational age timescale are transformed to establish an approximately linear(More)
In the central nervous system, bidirectional signaling between glial cells and neurons ('neuroimmune communication') facilitates the development of persistent pain. Spinal glia can contribute to heightened pain states by a prolonged release of neurokine signals that sensitize adjacent centrally projecting neurons. Although many persistent pain conditions(More)
(2011) Synthesis of nitrilotriacetic acid terminated tethers for the binding of his-tagged proteins to lipid bilayers and to gold. Transient shear banding in entangled polymers: A study using the rolie-poly model. (2011) Charge modified cowpea mosaic virus particles for templated mineralization. Adv. (2011) The pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase regulatory(More)
AIMS A single course of prenatal corticosteroid reduces the mortality and morbidity of preterm birth. Repeated courses of prenatal corticosteroids are widely prescribed despite a lack of safety data. Repeated corticosteroids delay myelination in the ovine central nervous system at the time of preterm delivery but with catch-up at term. We aimed to evaluate(More)
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