Sharon E. Dennis

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OBJECTIVE To develop and present computer-aided instructional resources via the Internet, intranets, and desktop computers to augment pathology education. DESIGN World Wide Web sites available via Internet access and a CD-ROM for intranets. SETTING The University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City. RESULTS A comprehensive set of gross and(More)
This is the first article in a series of seven based on the Seven Steps to Patient Safety (National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) 2004a). It is aimed at enhancing nurses' and midwives' knowledge about patient safety, including strategies and tools that are available to improve the quality of health care. This article outlines the patient safety agenda and(More)
Digital multimedia, such as images and videos, are playing an increasingly important role in health sciences education. Educators, however, often do not have the time or resources to create high-quality materials. The authors describe the development of a new Health Education Assets Library (HEAL), a freely accessible, national library of high-quality(More)
PURPOSE Regional and institutional databases have been created to improve access to educational resources and to avert unnecessary duplication. The growth and success of these databases depend upon the willingness of faculty members to contribute their materials. This qualitative study seeks to identify the barriers that block the free exchange of(More)
A multipoint videoconference was webcast live to an audience who could communicate with conference panelists and each other via chat. The videoconference, webcast, and chat were done entirely over the Internet. Seven panelists at four conference sites that had Internet2 connectivity and were located in different time zones within the continental United(More)
Recently, the IMS Learning Resource Meta-Data Specification [1] was released, paving the way for efficient repurposing of educational multimedia in a multitude of learning environments. The goal of the current project is the development of a national repository of multimedia that supports all levels of health sciences education and that is in accordance(More)