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People over Process: Key Challenges in Agile Development
Case studies of 17 organizations that have used agile methods for more than three years uncovered many serious "people" challenges including recruitment, training, motivation, and performanceExpand
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People over process: key people challenges in agile development
This article has been accepted for publication in IEEE Software but has not yet been fully edited. Some content may change prior to final publication. Abstract: There is a common perception that,Expand
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People over Process: Key Challenges in Agile
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A case study of risk management in agile systems development
A principal objective of agile development methods is to reduce risk thereby resulting in more successful and effective information systems. However, while there is an extensive body of academicExpand
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An Exploration of the relationship between Contribution Behaviours and the Decision Making Process in Agile Teams
Agile software development teams are self-managed; setting and complying their own rules, defining their own behaviours and encompassing a devolved decision-making structure. They rely heavily on theExpand
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Group Process Losses in Agile Software Development Decision Making
The importance of effective decision making in organisations has been well documented. Despite the many benefits associated with groupwork, groups are often subjected to process losses such asExpand
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Investigating Process-Parameters for Decision Quality in Software Development Team
This paper presents a conceptual model that collectively depicts three explicitly-cited process parameters for achieving group decision quality. The research proposes that the existence of any one ofExpand
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People over process: the implications of agile for IS skills
Agile approaches to information systems development have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more IS organisations are eager to capitalise on the alleged opportunities andExpand
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Losing the plot: decision behaviours in agile systems development
The importance of effective decision making in organisations has been well documented. Groups are often formed in order to collaborate skills and information and assist with decision-making. DespiteExpand
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A Study of Risk Management in DSDM
A principle objective of agile methods is to reduce well-known risks associated with common systems development project failures. While there is extensive academic literature on risk management andExpand
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