Sharon Christa

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World wide technological advancement has brought in a widespread change in adoption and utilization of open source tools. Since, most of the organizations across the globe deal with a large amount of data to be updated online and transactions are made every second, managing, mining and processing this dynamic data is very complex. Successful implementation(More)
With the evolution of distributed computing, the databases were inherently distributed across the globe. The core need in the current industrial environment is to extract information from the huge, complex and dynamic data through data mining techniques. Existence of an inconsistency in the data will directly affect the data mining and thereby affect the(More)
Software even though intangible should undergo evolution to fit into the ever changing real world scenarios. In this context software maintenance is an inevitable activity; further optimizing the activities related to maintenance is not possible due to the lacuna in various aspects of the pre-production phases. Since 1969, the issues raised by Lehman(More)
Future lunar and Mars exploration missions will incorporate legacy software and hardware components from the then-existing state of the art. Integrating the command, control, and data from complex networks of heterogeneous instruments, components, agents and human operators requires a modular, plug-and-play architecture. One example of such an approach has(More)
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