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Factor VII (F.VII) is a vitamin-K-dependent serine protease required in the early stages of blood coagulation. We describe here a patient with severe F.VII deficiency, with a normal plasma F.VII antigen level (452 ng/mL) and F.VII activity less than 1%, who is homozygous for two defects: a G-->A transition at nucleotide 6055 in exon 4, which results in an(More)
Adult neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus (DG) is strongly influenced by drug-taking behavior and may have a role in the etiology of drug-seeking behavior. However, mechanistic studies on the relationship of neurogenesis on drug seeking are limited. Outbred Wistar rats experienced extended access methamphetamine self-administration and individual differences(More)
Stress elicits activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which leads to enhanced circulating glucocorticoids, as well as impaired gonadotropin secretion and ovarian cyclicity. Here, we tested the hypothesis that elevated, stress-levels of glucocorticoids disrupt ovarian cyclicity by interfering with the preovulatory sequence of endocrine events(More)
We have evaluated refractive index-matched anomalous defraction (RIMAD) (Dubin SB, Clin Chem 1988;34:938-43) as a potential method for assessment of fetal lung maturity (FLM). This method determines the total light scattered by the surfactant-containing lamellar bodies by subtraction of the A650 from amniotic fluid diluted in glycerol from that of amniotic(More)
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