Sharon Carver

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• The primary researchers at the Children's School are the psychology faculty together with the post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and research assistants on their teams. There are currently seven research teams that conduct studies at the Children's School, led by Dr. • Small groups of students from the research methods class replicate famous(More)
Code comprehension problems have been shown to be effective assessment items in computer science education. In this paper we present qualitative and quantitative results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of code comprehension questions with feedback as learning events. Students taking an introductory programming course that satisfies a university(More)
Prompting students to self-explain during problem solving has proven to be an effective instructional strategy across many domains. However, despite being called " domain general " , very little work has been done in areas outside of math and science. In this dissertation, I investigate whether the self-explanation effect holds when applied in an inherently(More)
Our democracy depends upon the creation of an active engaged citizenry. e purpose of this dissertation is to provide the foundational research necessary for constructing an intelligent tutoring system to teach policy deliberation. e dissertation makes five use-inspired basic research contributions to the knowledge and technology of Intelligent Tutoring(More)
For all novices who thought it was their fault. Abstract The translation of algorithms and abstractions to formalisms, most often code, is a fundamental task of a computer scientist. Both novices and experts use development environments to provide feedback about the code they have written as a part of the iterative process of solving a problem. Almost all(More)
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