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Stereotactic biopsy procedures, in which a computer-based, three-dimensional-image-guided system accurately locates patients' brain tumors, are relatively new diagnostic methods. Complications from stereotactic biopsy procedures are minimal compared with open craniotomy procedures because they are performed with local anesthesia. Perioperative nurses should(More)
The need for tracheal intubation in the emergency department is often unpredictable and precipitous in nature. When compared with the operating room, a higher incidence of difficult intubation is observed. There are currently no accepted guidelines with respect to the stocking of difficult airway equipment in the emergency department. We have conducted a(More)
Patients in whom a sponge or instruments is left after surgery may suffer complications including pain, infection, abscess, or intestinal obstruction. Consequences or retained items for surgical team members may include malpractice lawsuits and adverse actions from the National Practitioner Data Bank and state licensing board. Adherence to AORN recommended(More)
AS MUCH AS 80% OF THE US POPULATION will be affected by back pain at some time during their lives. Some of the most common disorders are herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, degenerative spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and revision of previously failed low back surgery. IF CONSERVATIVE TREATMENT for back pain fails, spinal fusion may be performed.(More)
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