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Peripheral nerve injuries are largely preventable injuries that can result from incorrect patient positioning during surgery. Patients who are diabetic, are extremely thin or obese, use tobacco, or undergo surgery lasting more than four hours are at increased risk for developing these injuries. When peripheral nerve injuries occur, patients may experience(More)
Decision support at the point of care has been demonstrated to be an effective tool in providing a safe environment and improving patient outcomes. The operating room is typically an area where advanced technology is introduced to nurses on a regular basis. This quality improvement project focused on preventing a peripheral nerve injury, which is an example(More)
Peripheral nerve injuries (PNIs) are an adverse complication from surgery. This quality project has four objectives: 1) Raise the awareness of peripheral nerve injury for operating room (OR) nurses; 2) implement a decision support screen to assist in the patient assessment and offer evidence-based interventions; 3) improve the nursing documentation of(More)
Traditionally, rule interactions are handled at implementation time through rule task properties that control the order in which rules are executed. By doing so, knowledge about the behavior and interactions of decision rules is not captured at modeling time. We argue that this is important knowledge that should be integrated in the modeling phase. In this(More)
Introduction/Background A large academic hospital organization with seven affiliates decided to transition from multiple home grown and commercial systems to one commercial electronic health record (EHR). The task to develop a standardized request form that would capture necessary elements of clinical decision support (CDS) was essential to inventory(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand requests for nursing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) interventions at a large integrated health system undergoing vendor-based EHR implementation. In addition, to establish a process to guide both short-term implementation and long-term strategic goals to meet nursing CDS needs. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted an environmental(More)
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