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Eighty-nine cases of pulmonary hamartoma were studied. There were 51 men and 38 women, with a mean age of 57.5 years (range 14 to 76 years). A histologic diagnosis from examination of the resection specimens was obtained in all patients who had operations. Moreover, transthoracic needle aspiration biopsies were performed in 40 patients, with a diagnostic(More)
A clinical and "blind" histologic review of 82 cases of bronchial carcinoid tumour is presented. The malignant potential of the tumours was only partly predictable from their histologic appearance. Histologically 65 of the tumours were typical benign carcinoids. Regional metastases were found at operation in two of these patients. Fatal carcinoid syndrome(More)
Symptoms, signs, and definitions of strangulation and incarceration in diaphragmatic herniation are surveyed, and four patients with strangulated diaphragmatic hernia are reported on. Although the symptoms may be uncharacteristic, the diagnosis is easily made, if kept in mind. X-ray examination of the chest, possibly supplemented by a barium meal, usually(More)
BACKGROUND Several but not all trials suggest that GH replacement in GH-deficient adults improves aerobic exercise capacity, whereas its effect on muscle strength is more dubious. However, a denominator of these studies is a low sample size. OBJECTIVE We systematically reviewed and analysed all randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials on the(More)
A review of nine patients with spontaneous rupture of the oesophagus is presented. All patients had mediastinal or pleural air or fluid on x-ray, but a diagnostic error was made in five of them leading to postponed treatment and a fatal outcome from mediastinitis. Of the remaining four patients two recovered and left hospital while another two died of(More)