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Accurate measurements of the absolute and relative size of individual cusps, the arrangement of the primary fissure system and the shape of coronal cross sections of the tooth crown have been used to investigate the pattern of variation in Plio-Pleistocene hominid mandibular molar teeth. Teeth were either grouped into one of six taxonomic categories or(More)
This study has used accurate measurements of crown area and precise assessments of the morphological traits of mandibular molars in an attempt to define the metrical and morphological characteristics of early hominid taxa. A total of 196 Plio-Pleistocene hominid molars were either allocated to one of six informal taxonomic groups or considered as individual(More)
The subocclusal morphology of 168 permanent mandibular premolars (N = 77) and molars (N = 91) of Plio-Pleistocene hominids has been investigated. The taxonomic allocation of the teeth, which represent at least 46 individuals, was based on nondental evidence. Specimens were allocated to one of two major taxonomic categories, (EAFROB or EAFHOM), East African(More)
The ability to accurately and quickly identify microbial agents associated with infectious diseases has been a longstanding and continuous goal of diagnostic microbiology laboratories. Over the course of several decades, technology and testing methodologies in this field have gradually evolved from traditional- or classic-based culture and identification(More)
  • S A Abbott
  • 1998
In this article, the role of the nurse in patient education is described, as well as the benefits of patient education, such as improved quality of care, improved patient satisfaction, increased compliance, improved staff satisfaction, and effective use of resources. Strategies for effective patient teaching also are presented.
BACKGROUND Management of patients' sex partners is a critical element of sexually transmitted disease (STD) control. Expedited partner therapy (EPT), a practice in which patients deliver medication or a prescription directly to their partners, is one option for partner management. As of 2009, New York State law specifically allows EPT for chlamydial(More)
  • S A Abbott
  • 1999
In this article, the author describes the responsibility of the admitting nurse to inform the patient about the procedure before the consent form is signed. The importance of an informed patient in relation to the legal implications and also the increased comfort level that the patient will experience are described. Results of a research program on(More)
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