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Animated pedagogical agents that inhabit interactive learning environments can exhibit strikingly lifelike behaviors. In addition to providing problem-solving advice in response to students' activities in the learning environment, these agents may also be able to play a powerful motivational role. To design the most effective agent-based learning(More)
Animated pedagogical agents ooer great promise for learning environments. In addition to their signiicant motivational beneets, these intriguing lifelike c haracters can also play an important pedagogical role. Introduced into a rich learning environment, animated pedagogical agents could increase problem-solving eeectiveness by p r o viding students with(More)
Two experiments tested the hypothesis that laypeople cognitively organize and recall information about physical symptoms according to prototyped conceptions they have of physical diseases. Based on pilot studies that identified the extent to which subjects associated specified symptoms with specific diseases, symptom sets were assembled to vary in the(More)
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