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A Metaphysics for Phenomenal Freedom: An Analysis from Classical Indian and Western Philosophical Perspectives
  • Sharmistha Dhar
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical…
  • 27 June 2018
The metaphysical possibility of agency at the phenomenal level, given the truth of a nomological and binding causal force, has long been a moot point in both Indian and western philosophical
Compatibilism vs. Incompatibilism: An Integrated Approach from Participant Stance and Affect
Following the recent surge in experimental philosophy exploring how unprimed intuitions enable the folk arrive at judgments concerning free will and moral responsibility, a widespread anomaly in folk
Can Determinism Give a Causal Explanation of Intentional Behaviour? Revisiting the Concepts of Determinism, Fatalism and Rational Agency
In this short piece of work, an attempt has been made to revisit the skepticism about free will, which has historically been directed to it due to certain mistaken assumptions about determinism and
Primacy of Vision over Touch : A Brief Study of the Tactile Performance of the Blind in Contrast to the Sighted
One of the issues in perception research that continues to be a matter of intrigue and moot point for both philosophy of perception and its neurophysiology is how vision can play an active role in
Determinism: Do Untutored Intuitions Feed the Bugbears?
Something is inevitable for y ou if there is nothing you can do about it. If an undetermined bolt of lightning strikes you dead, then we can truly say, in retrospect, that there was nothing you could
The Ontology of Intentional Agency in Light of Neurobiological Determinism: Philosophy Meets Folk Psychology
Abstract The moot point of the Western philosophical rhetoric about free will consists in examining whether the claim of authorship to intentional, deliberative actions fits into or is undermined by
In this piece of work I have revisited the free will problem which is a problem about intentional agency under deterministic causation as is perceived in the folk mindscape. I have first tried to
Affective Intuition and Rule Deployment: The Dénouement of Moral Judgment
1. IntroductionA considerable portion of our moral deliberations is expended by telling the right course of action from the wrong ones. A person is adjudged a morally robust person if she displays a