Sharmila Pixy Ferris

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This study assessed the reliability and validity of a palm-top-based electronic appetite rating system (EARS) in relation to the traditional paper and pen method. Twenty healthy subjects [10 male (M) and 10 female (F)] - mean age M=31 years (S.D.=8), F=27 years (S.D.=5); mean BMI M=24 (S.D.=2), F=21 (S.D.=5) - participated in a 4-day protocol. Measurements(More)
This book is intended to continue the original debate started with a previous work (Godar & Ferris, 2004) concerning the capabilities of virtual teams. Assuming the idea according to which teams are, or at least they should be, one of the involved components in eLearning initiatives , this work is devoted to study some of the main elements regarding(More)
It is a crucial tool for academicians, researchers, and practitioners and is ideal for classroom use. William Paterson University. With a Master's in English and a Bachelor's in Psychology, Dr. Ferris brings an interdisciplinary focus to her research in computer-mediated communication. This relatively new field builds on an investigation of the potentials(More)
This paper explores the relationship between member satisfaction and effectiveness of virtual, self managed teams. Specifically, this paper studies the various perceptions of eight virtual team members. The study reveals eight major themes for how team members evaluate themselves and will provide a basis to evaluate the relationship between these factors(More)
activities: are task related activities that are depicted toward the team's environment to manage its relationships with external actors. ÎInternal activities: refer to various intragroup processes occurring within the group boundary, such as forming and enforcing group norms, communication among members, the use of internal resources, etc. ÎSocial(More)