Sharmila Anand John Francis

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Network clustering is an important technique widely used in efficient MANETs network management, hierarchical routing protocol design, network modeling, Quality of Service, etc. Recently many researchers are focusing on clustering which is one of the fundamental problems in mobile ad hoc networks. This article presents the descriptions of recently proposed(More)
A Wireless Sensor Network consists of sensor nodes distributed over the region that communicate among them through the wireless medium. Wireless Sensor Network must be managed automatically with minimum number of human intervention and changes its state by maintaining its quality. The important feature of sensor network is the data collection. Each sensor(More)
Efficient and stable clustering always depends on choosing an appropriate cluster head in the network. A novel clustering protocol is proposed that employs a powerful analytical hierarchy process methodology, a mathematical model to compute relative weights for all the mobile nodes to choose appropriate cluster heads in the network. The five crucial factors(More)
The MELISSA system is a ground based aperture radar that has been designed for landslide monitoring in Italy. It consists of a linear antenna array of 12 Pyramidal horn antennas present in the transmitting module of the system and another linear array of 12 receiving Vivaldi antennas. It has been proven that an alternate planar antenna array geometry of 2(More)
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