Sharmil Randhawa

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Demosaicking is an estimation process to determine missing color values when a single-sensor digital camera is used for color image capture. In this paper, we propose a number of new methods based on the application of Taylor series and cubic spline interpolation for color filter array demosaicking. To avoid the blurring of an edge, interpolants are first(More)
By stitching together adjacent images from a video sequence surveying a scene, a video mosaic of the entire panorama can be formed. Since a video survey consists of a sequence of images having small relative displacements with respect to each other, there is redundant overlapping information in consecutive images so that not all consecutive video images are(More)
When a single image sensor is used to capture colour images, only one colour value is acquired at each pixel location. Colour filter array (CFA) demosaicking refers to the estimation of the other two missing colour values in order to produce a full colour image. In this paper, we have shown that cubic spline interpolation is suitable for CFA demosaicking(More)