Sharmadha Moorthy

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We are interested in detecting episodes in a data stream that are characterized by a period of time over which a condition holds, usually with a minimum duration. For example, we might want to know whenever any router has a packet-drop rate above 0.3% continuously for more than two minutes. Such episodes can be interesting in their own right for monitoring(More)
Traditional Data Stream Management Systems (DSMS) segment data streams using windows that are defined either by a time interval or a number of tuples. Such windows are fixed---the definition unvarying over the course of a stream---and are defined based on external properties unrelated to the data content of the stream. However, streams and their content do(More)
The increasing accessability and speed of Internet has enabled emergence of an online market where data providers publish their valuable information and from which customers subscribe and query data of all types. This virtual space in which the supply-demand forces exist and the exchange of information is incentivized by monetary gain is referred to as the(More)
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