Sharlene S. W. Lee

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Over 30 mutations of the B-RAF gene associated with human cancers have been identified, the majority of which are located within the kinase domain. Here we show that of 22 B-RAF mutants analyzed, 18 have elevated kinase activity and signal to ERK in vivo. Surprisingly, three mutants have reduced kinase activity towards MEK in vitro but, by activating C-RAF(More)
The primary function of synaptic vesicles is to store and release neurotransmitter. Synaptic vesicles are locally recycled following exocytosis and rapidly refilled with neurotransmitter from the cytoplasm by a process that depends on the electrochemical gradient generated by a proton pump. Little is known about the molecules that import neurotransmitter(More)
BACKGROUND In Asia, breast cancer is characterised by an early age of onset: In Malaysia, approximately 50% of cases occur in women under the age of 50 years. A proportion of these cases may be attributable, at least in part, to genetic components, but to date, the contribution of genetic components to breast cancer in many of Malaysia's ethnic groups has(More)
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