Sharilyn A. Thoreson

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This p a p e r r e p o r t s the r e s u l t s o f comparing the performance of three dataflow computer architectures. They are: the Basic Data Flow Processor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Distributed Data Processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated, and the Multilayered Data Flow Computer from the University of Manchester. Idealized(More)
This paper describes the effects of program restructuring in a dataflow environment. Previous studies showed that dataflow programs can exhibit locality and that a memory hierarchy is feasible in a dataflow environment. This study shows that the order in which code is placed into pages can affect the performance of a dataflow program executing in a paged(More)
This paper describes a computer architecture course which provided students with a thorough grounding in a non-vonNeumann computer architecture and also increased the understanding by the students of the size and complexity of the work which they will be doing after they accept an industrial position. The class presented the latest available research(More)
Instruction reference patterns in data flow environments differ from those in conventional systems. Because execution is data driven in data flow environments, patterns of instruction references depend on data references. Also, instruction reference patterns are two-dimensional because execution is parallel. In this paper, models of instruction reference(More)
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