Sharifalillah Nordin

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An original filter topology based on dual-path parallel coupled-lines is presented. Two identical coupled-lines are combined in parallel to result in a wideband bandpass response. Two transmission zeros are also resulted thanks to the cancellation effect in the dual-path connection. It is also shown that the use of asymmetrical coupled lines helps in giving(More)
A novel topology of wideband bandpass filter is proposed. The filter is composed of two identical paths of coupled lines connected in parallel. The overall frequency response of the filter can be adjusted by varying the impedance value of the filter elements leading to possibilities to obtain the desired bandwidth of the passband. The proposed topology is(More)
Biologists have huge collections of voucher herbarium specimens. The information collected from the voucher is used to produce plant taxonomic keys for species identification. Most biologists keep the plant taxonomic keys information in separate databases. Each database stores the taxonomic keys for one plant family. The information is then extracted and(More)
Biologists have huge collection of plant data. Among them is local plant checklist used to identify species. However, the way the data is stored makes identification a tedious task and time consuming if done manually. This paper proposes a method to extract and visualize the information kept in the checklist in a structured manner to improve the retrieval(More)
This paper highlighted the study on preserving the e-records event history metadata. This study is currently conducted in identified the actual model that should be used in preserving the e-records metadata in Malaysia Government Agencies. In preliminary stages, the interview session has been conducted with staffs from Malaysia Government Agencies and(More)
The semantic gap problem existing in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) remains a challenge due to the failure of unification between low-level image features and high-level human perception. User studies revealed that users tend to seek information using high-level semantics description rather than using quantitative approach. Therefore, ontology as a(More)
Indexing is one of the important technique used to make searching and retrieval process more accurate and faster. In this paper, the indexing features of triple stores are investigated to see the pattern of semantic indexing that will improve the current information retrieval indexing. To do the evaluation, we choose the best triple stores, Allegro Graph.(More)
In this paper, we describe the convention of threshold value in the analysis of poor DNA gel electrophoresis to eliminate false peak contained in the intensity profile obtained from image data projection. Peak detection will be performed during the common task of DNA gel image analysis which is lane detection. In this study, the peaks of the profile(More)
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