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RNA interference (RNAi) technology is currently being tested in clinical trials for a limited number of diseases. However, systemic delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA) to solid tumors has not yet been achieved in clinics. Here, we introduce an in vivo pH-sensitive delivery system for siRNA using super carbonate apatite (sCA) nanoparticles, which is(More)
In continuing search for effective treatments of cancer, the emerging model aims at efficient intracellular delivery of therapeutics into tumor cells in order to increase the drug concentration. However, the implementation of this strategy suffers from inefficient cellular uptake and drug resistance. Therefore, pH-sensitive nanosystems have recently been(More)
RNA interference (RNAi) is a powerful approach in functional genomics to selectively silence messenger mRNA (mRNA) expression and can be employed to rapidly develop potential novel drugs against a complex disease like cancer. However, naked siRNA being anionic is unable to cross the anionic cell membrane through passive diffusion and therefore, delivery of(More)
Reversible logic synthesis is emerging as a major research component for post-CMOS computing devices, in particular Quantum computing. In this work, we link the reversible logic synthesis problem to sorting algorithms. Based on our analysis, an alternative derivation of the worst-case complexity of generated reversible circuits is provided. Furthermore, a(More)
For stem cell-based treatment of neurodegenerative diseases a better understanding of key developmental signaling pathways and robust techniques for producing neurons with highest homogeneity are required. In this study, we demonstrate a method using N-cadherin-based biomimetic substrate to promote the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cell (ESC)- and(More)
A properly selected algae strain can be cultivated in a photobioreactor, harvested and extracted with indigenous techniques and processed for biodiesel production. The goal of our research is to carry out an integrated assessment of the technical and economic aspects of algae-based biodiesel as an alternative source of fuel to deal with the energy crisis of(More)
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