Sharif M. H. Chowdhury

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Whereas serious health consequences of widespread consumption of groundwater elevated in As have been documented in several South Asian countries, the mechanisms responsible for As mobilization in reducing aquifers remain poorly understood. We document here a previously unrecognized and consistent relationship between dissolved As concentrations in reducing(More)
This paper presents a fast preemptive list heuristic scheduling algorithm, called the Fast Preemptive Scheduling Algorithm (FPS), for both homogeneous and heterogeneous distributed memory systems. Time complexity of FPS is just O(|V|*(log|V|+log|P|)+|E|). Such an algorithm is useful during the compilation of the parallel applications. A preemptive schedule(More)
We present a compile time list heuristic scheduling algorithm called Low Cost Critical Path algorithm (LCCP) for the distributed memory systems. LCCP has low scheduling cost for both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. In some recent papers list heuristic scheduling algorithms keep their scheduling cost low by using a fixed size heap and a FIFO, where(More)
In this paper, an MNG metamaterial loaded circular microstrip patch antenna has been reported. This antenna not only shows multi-band performance but also provides maximum possible size reduction (35%) with realizable gain performance. Achieving triple band performance was made possible by modifying TM<sub>&#x03B4;10</sub>(0&lt;;<sub>&#x03B4;&lt;;</sub>1)(More)
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